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      Hi, I`m very new in video making and will be gratefull for the answers to following questions:

      1- Does Canon GL2 has true 16:9?
      2- What is the solution to get film results from Mini DV?
      3- What would you do if you shoot something on Mini DV and plan to send it to an indipendent film festival ?(not everyone owns a 16mm, right?)

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      Thank you for taking time to help.
      As for 16:9, I meant shooting true 16:9 with no loss of image quality.
      for FILM RESULTS,
      say I`m shooting mini DV and get the footage transfered to a different format to get a good enough quality
      to show it on the big screen. I heard some festivals welcome films that are shot on Mini DV and later converted in a different format. That`s where I get lost. I don`t have a particular festival in mind yet, since I`m still working on the script. I am sure going to school will teach a lot but with a cost!!! I have photography background, I`m learning how to and how not to write a script, I already have couple movies in mind, downloaded script writing software etc.
      and also, 24frame rate, I don`t think GL2 does that.
      Where do you think I get very useful information about converting Mini DV into an accepted formats for festivals?
      Thanks again.

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      You can get the "film" look with many plug-ins for the major programs as well. It’s not a true film look, but neither is the 24p.

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