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      I have a laptop macbook pro 15 and i want to buy a monitor to connect my mac when i am at home.
      I work with video editing i need it to expand my screensaver, and offcourse i need to have the best quality as possible for video control.
      I know that the monitors from apple are very good but they are very expensive.
      Some friends of mine as suggested the samsung leds monitors , but now i want to hear a opinion and more suggestions.
      AS anyone can help me?


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      Depending on what kind of monitor you want, the prices can go from $100 dollars and easily fly up to $2,000. Is there a certain size you are considering and do you have a certain budget?

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      If you would like to see more monitor, please check my signature website. There is professional person for answering you question. Hope it can help. Thanks~

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