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      Hello guys, i need to buy a professional camera but i am realy confused, with what should i buy.

      i already thought
      in the sony EX1 but this camera is in market already most than one year, so i suppose
      so new and better cameras are coming out.

      I thought in the
      Panasonic AF 101, because of the interchangeable lens, and depth of field, but
      i think is quite expensive.

      I want a good
      camera with full HD, nice sensor and uncompressed audio to make wedding
      videos,institucional videos, Eng jobs, and for short fiction films, but maybe
      for film is better to buy a dslr, i supouse, you tell me.

      I really need
      your help guys. I need to buy a camera the fast as possible, and a steady cam.

      I am waiting for
      your opinions.

      Thanks .

      P.s. Sorry my English.

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      The EX1 is a great camera. The AF101 records AVCHD, which is one of the most compressed codecs and I think the biggest disadvantage of this camera. The only way around it is to output via HD-SDI to an AJA Ki Pro or a deck that records as less compressed codec.

      “I want a goodcamera with full HD, nice sensor and uncompressed audio to make weddingvideos,institucional videos, Eng jobs, and for short fiction films, but maybefor film is better to buy a dslr, i supouse, you tell me.”

      Sony EX1, Sony EX3, Panasonic HVX200A, or Panasonic HPX170 are the best options in my opinion. Not too expensive. Not too compressed.

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      ok. thanks a lot for your help.

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      I would check on the type of sensors they have. If you are going to be shooting weddings the CMOS sensor will be a problem. I am not sure which sensor the canon uses. I just picked up a Panasonic AG-HMC150 and love it. Using a 32 gig SDHD card you can record 3 hours of great footage. I would recommend a shotgun mic as most built in microphones are not that great. B&H photo has them at really good prices right, you can pick up a kit for under $3000 that will include a camera bag, a large extra battery and a shotgun mic. It is worth a look anyway.

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      its a nice camera, the problem is the AVCHD format. i think is a very compressedformat.what do you think?

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      My vote is on both Sony EX models. The EX3 has some added features but I’m not sure if it’s worth the additional $$$. There are some good deals out there right now on the EX1.

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      I agree with the Rob and Jeffrey. The Sony EX1R is the one to get. Those 1/2″ sensors are hard to beat. Buy it if you can afford the price tag of $6,299 (B&H).

      An alternative could be the Sony HXR-NX5 at $3,999.It has HD-SDI outtherefore it can output to an AJA Ki Pro (or similar) device into a different format, as Rob suggested.

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      Moya, forget my earlier post suggesting the NX5. The cost of the AJA Ki Pro or even the Nano Flash simply wipes the benefit.

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      fufu is a greatest grl in the world

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