Help to buy professional camera.DSLR or not?

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      hello. i would like to ask you if you could give me some advice to buy a professional video camera. i am a little bit confused with this news DSLR cameras.what is the best option quality/price? an DSLR camera or a Professional video camera like a EX1? i want a camera to make weddings and Eng jobs, but also to make some short movies. can you help me with this? thanks

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      There’s a major difference between a dedicated video camera and a DSLR. One is specifically designed to shoot video and the other is capable of shooting video. Now the gap between the two types is closing but the advantage of the DSLR’s at the pro level are lower cost, lower weight, a wide selection of interchangeable lenses and the ability to also shoot stunning photographs. If you need that capability, that’s probably the way you need to go.

      However, for shooting video with a DSLR there are numerous shortcomings concerning image and audio controls that you don’t find with dedicated video cameras. To take full advantage of a DSLR’s cinema style video, you’re going to need a number of accessories that will come to a significant amount of money. The addition of these accessories will ultimately negate the initial advantages of lower cost and weight. Also, you’ll need a separate recorder to get clean audio with because the audio captured by DSLR’s is terrible at best and is best used for reference when syncing in post.

      Lastly, there is a significant issue with DSLR’s overheating during continuous use that you don’t have with video cameras. Ultimately, it will come down to how much cash you have to throw at getting gear. No matter what you get, it’s never ‘just a camera’ you’re buying. You’ll need support gear (batteries, tripod, cases, blank media, etc.) and that stuff has to be considered in the cost of the camera purchase. Either choice has both it’s advantages and disadvantages. How hard they’ll work for or against you depends on your ability to take advantage of their capabilities.

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      Thanks a lot Moderator.
      So, i think the best choice is a dedicated video camera.
      Now, the problem is, witch one is the best option:)
      can you advice me any brand and model?
      What do you think of Sony EX1 or the panasonic models P2?
      thank you.

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      I really like the Sony EX1, but have you considered the EX3?

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      yes, but EX3 in quite more expensivel and the only diference is the possibility to change lents and the body.

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      Inaddition to the Sony EX1R, you should seriously consider the newPanasonic AG-AF100 Micro Four Thirds Pro HD camcorder. It seems to be a great DSLR/cam crossover. It is early days but I think this camera is really going to kick ass.

      Let us know what you decided.

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      Check out these reviews of the Panasonic AF100/101:

      Philip Bloom’s test

      Nigel Cooper’s test

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      Also check out the JVC GY-HM-100U with dual card inputs. The sony and panasonic rigs are great cameras, but the media is retarded expensive! The JVC uses SD based media cards so even a 64GB card class 6 or above is still but a fraction of the cost of P2 or SxS media and you can use the cards with other gear!

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      i really enjoyed the Panasonic AF 100/101.
      They sell the camera body only right? doest brings any lens?
      What do you think about the sensor size and the kind of compression(AVCHD)?

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