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      For Web video, even your Hi-8 should be fine. I have a Samsung Hi-8 (about the cheapest you can get – $189 USD) and, in good light it did pretty well for Web video. It even had a jack for external mic.

      The three main things you want to pay attention to is:

      1. External mic jack so you can get good audio.
      2. Either ability to shoot in low light (low Lux rating), or have good lighting.
      3. Ability to bring non-compressed video files into your computer.

      Lastly – get a tripod and use handheld moves sparingly.

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      Hey, I bought a Hi-8 camcorder a couple of years ago, without knowing anything about videography. I later found out, how s*** they were, I was thinking of buying this:

      Basically, I just want to be able to upload stuff onto my computer, edit it and host it on YouTube with reasonable quality. Will this do it?


      P.S. I know virtually nothing about cameras, so translating to idiot language would help πŸ™‚

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