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      I have a Canon XH-A1. I filmed an Osceola hunt with it yesterday. After the hunt, I ejected the tape and record-protected it and then put it back in the camera until we got back to the room. I tried to playback the video so we could watch it once and when I turned my camera to vcr/play, a red X started flashing on the screen with a message saying “remove cassette”. The tape symbol in the top right corner of the display was also flashing red. I tried to eject the tape. The outer cover came open, I could hear the motor run, but the tape would not pop up. I closed the cover and tried it again for another time or two. Not knowing what to do next. I turned the camera off and on. Finally I took the battery out and put it back in. Now it ejected, but when I pulled the tape out, there was a little bit of tape outside the cassette. I wound it back up thinking this was the problem. I tried to put the tape back in. I could close the metal compartment and hear the motor, but the tape would not go down and then would spring back open. I tried another time or two with the same results. I tried a new tape as well as another older tape in case it was a problem with that tape. Still the same. I checked the footage I had just recorded on another camera and it was great with no issues from start to finish that I could tell. Can anyone help me or tell me what is wrong?

      Sorry for the long post, but I figured all the details I could provide would possibly help someone to diagnose my problem. It’s a bummer for sure, but it’s even worse now that it’s turkey season.

      Thanks in advance for the help.

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      There is a lot of moving parts in a tape drive system. That was a problem widely known for the GL2 but I never had it. From rewinding a lot you can bend pins and you can mess up the carriage from a bad tape or loading improperly. Sucks to have a camera go down in the middle of the season but I would suggest sending it in. Last I heard on the “Remove Cassette” error it was about two weeks to get a camera back.

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      Hunter, it sounds like WSANFORD has a good solution. If others don’t chime in with similar experienceswith this model, you might trysearching on the internet for this problemwtih the XH-A1. Years ago I had similar problems with a digital 8 Sony and I searched and found that a lot of people had the same issue with the same modeland there werescores of solutions that all revolved around smacking the side of the camcorder. I am not suggesting that you smack your Canon but only suggesting that you search first before shipping it off toget repaired.Good Luck.

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      thanks guys

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