help .. “skips” in transferred video

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      I downloaded an entire tape and upon playback on my computer, every so often there is a “skip” or “hang” like the footage and sound isn’t there even though the “play-bar” is still moving, then it will pick right back up in a couple of seconds and keep going after it has passed over the skip part. This is the second tape that I have downloaded and the first one didn’t do this. The first one was a little shorter and was filmed with my handheld. I used my handheld as a deck for both tapes to transfer them to my computer. The connection is with firewire 800.

      Does anyone know what is going on and can help me out? thanks in advance

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      Never mind. I rewound the tape and tried it again. So far it looks like it is o.k. this time. I guess the tape had “slack” in it or something maybe.

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