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      I need to establish the opening of my movie taking place in the early morning and then the rest of the movie is in the late afternoon. I only have the actors after 5pm. What can I do to simulate a morning environment for the first scene.

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      hmmm, good question… “establish” being the key word

      Use activities or visual clues related to the morning in the scenes you shoot:

      Paperboy (or girl) delivering the paper
      fake dew on the grass
      people eating breakfast
      stock footage of the sun before you shoot your close-ups
      someone leaving for work with a glass of orange juice in hand…

      Also use audio clues like:

      light and bright music

      be creative.

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      Is the first shot inside or outside?

      Use warm gels (I used honey once for morning type light)
      Get lacey material for curtains and set up light going through them.

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      I’ll be filming an opening scene that takes place in the morning and the rest of the short takes place in the afternoon

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      In your editing program, if you’re using one, take the footage and on the RGB settings turn down the green and the blue a tiny tiny little bit. You want warmth, but also a little pink to it to marry the orange. This is just my opinion, but I think you should definitely add morning sounds and habits to convey the time as stated earilier.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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