Help rendering in powerdirector v8

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I can complete a video in powerdirector v8 and burn it to disc. But what I want to do is render the video so I can delete source footage. If I delete source footage now and reopen the project to make more copies, I have missing clips where I deleted source footage. It is my understanding that if I were to render the video I could then delete source footage. So I am asking how to render the video/format and then how do I burn a dvd copy from that rendered file without going back into powerdirector which will pull up the saved version and show missing files?

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Have you tried treating the rendered file as a new source file for the editor? Start a new project and look/point to the rendered file as your video source. the drag it into the timeline. Or use the Create Disc option, Import additional videos, and look up your rendered file.

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