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      I have been having a problem rendering projects from premiere. This has happened with several projects and hasn’t not happened lately. I get a "Premiere Failed to Return a Frame" error anytime I try to encode in mpeg2. AVI works fine. I can also render just fine using After Effects which is strange because it uses the same encoder as Premiere. I could import projects into AE and render them but then I lose color corrections and other effects change. Thats too much work for me. The only way I am able to render a project is by exporting an AVI then rendering in AE as an mpeg2 which is not acceptable because of the quality loss. Can anyone help??? Anyone know what this error means? I’ve uninstalled any additional codecs I had and even reinstalled Premiere to no avail. HELP!

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      Nevermind, I found a patch! I have been looking for a fix for this for a while and couldn’t find a thing to help. I just googled it again and found that Adobe has released a patch and it seems to be working! Yay!

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      It was a problem with the Mpeg encoder BTW.

      I’m not sure what version of Premiere you are using but Pro 1.5 will not give you that error for having a frame gap. It will render that frame as black.

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      I have that same problem with elements 3.0 will that help with 3.0 also?

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      This helped me fix the “Adobe failed to return a frame”. I had some audio that over ran at the end of my timeline. clipped it off and everything worked great.

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      I’ve been running into that same error message with CS3 while trying to render Hi-Def video for burning onto a regular DVD with the h.264 codec for Hi-Def playback. It seems to me that any clips where I applied “Auto-Color” were the problem. I went back and removed all “Auto Color” and “Auto Balance” filters and did that manually and it seems to be by the problem spots. I’m still working on the render right now, but it looks like it’s going to come out okay this time.

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      Happy New Year everybody!

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      There are many reasons for this error as you can see by reading this thread. I wonder why you would add auto color or balance to HDV clips? Hi Def video is already awesome, the colors are fantastic, why would you ever need to correct them?

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      I have struck the very same problem with the audio track being a frame or two too long. as a matter of course now I always trim a finished sequence by a couple of frames before exporting or sending to Encore.

      I am interested how CintoTalentos is geting on with burning Hi Def to DVD and whether you have tried higher bit rate than 15mb/s as I suggested. My collection of Hi Def H.264 Blueray compatable DVD’s is growing but I haven’t gone past 16mb/s. I haven’t tried Dolby audio as it is an extra costwith Encore and I already have Dolby on DVDit HD Pro, but DVDit cannot encode H.264.

      Cheers Ian

Viewing 8 reply threads
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