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      >Hi everyone only just started using Vegas movie maker platinum 11. I have made a video using a basic cannon fs10 which is NON HD. I also used photo fromvarious cameras. On the computer it looks all good but when it is rendered into a DVD it is blurry. Any help would be awesome and much needed.


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      “>Hi everyone only just started using Vegas movie maker platinum 11.”

      Matthew, most new users to NLE (video editors) create a video all under the “default” settings. I spent nearly a year with a “student” attempting to get him to venture out of the click next habit. When he at last did, his work fixed itself.

      You mention that you brought in other footage, the “default” output in almost all video editors is “same as first clip”, and sometimes when you mix 16:9 and 4:3 and you choose the option of 16:9 the software sees the 4:9 and gives a blood wrenching warning about the output, why I do not know because if one does set the advance setting correct then it all works out.

      Since you limit the details of your steps, I am going to venture several things, you opened the software, installed it, dropped your footage in and did the basic default “click next” to see your project etc..

      At this point the only suggestion anyone can make is to suggest that you RTM, Read the manual.

      I would go to youtube and watch some stepxstep videos on the advance usage, then I would get into the help files of the software and learn to use the software.

      I do not believe the footage is at fault, I do believe that you expected too much from software, if videos were that easy, Hollywood would be torn down.

      Matthew, you have asked that we teach you your entire advance settings of your software from what little you gave, you “JUST STARTED” It was nearly a year before I figured out the advance settings of my NLE. You will need to go out to the edge, get into the advance settings, LEARN your software. The answers are in the instructions that came with the software.

      I am not trying to discourage you from asking questions here, but your question itself shows that you need to learn the very basics.

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      Thank for the advice I have tried different settings and so on but I will continue trying.

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      What are your render settings?

      These are what I use for the video portion for widescreen (16:9) DVD’s. If you want 4:3 just change the aspect ratio.

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      Will check my settings thanks or that as well will give it a go.

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      Matthew, there is some other possibilities, You were not clear on what you did that lead up to the error. That is the frustration about giving you help. There are so many things to do in producing a video.

      So lets say you pulled ALL the video and formats into the video editor, dropped them on the timeline. Added what ever transitions etc. Then you went to “Share” or “Create” video. Here is where the first problem can occur. Lets say you opted to burn it right to DVD, without rendering a video file. OK, now you choose the “default” output say “as first clip” Well that may cause the problem. If the first clip was in a higher quality, and 16:9, the software is going to attempt to get the remainder video to that quality. It is like the “normalization” setting for the audio in the final step of DVD production, I do not use it, I adjust the audio as I build, if you leave the choosing up to the software it will always choose wrong, IME.

      So try this, re-render your video. First render all the 16:9 (widescreen) HQ format, what ever the quality standard, as long as the viewing format is all the same. Drop all the clips onto the timeline and put in the bells and lights. Now render that in DVD quality 720. Then go back in drop in your 4:3, standard format. do the bells and lights to it then render it as well, in 720 smarender. it should add a black frame on each side.

      Then at this point you can either bring them both back in and render to DVD or use a stand alone DVD creation program.

      I will tell what I do, and mostly because I want quality over quick time to create.

      I render each chapter of the DVD alone, or segment. I adjust the audio, and work the entire video. I save it as a computer file in 1080p. If I have to mix formats I also save the 4:3 as 1080p with smartrendering enabled.

      Once all my segments are in video files at 1080p I inspect the quality.

      I then use a stand alone DVD production program Corel Moviefactory Pro. I use a stand alone because it allows me more control over the finale output, it also has the ability to render mixed formats, and it allows me to have several start points in the video, (aside from chapters). I then create my first DVD without a menu, drag my family in front of the tv and ask them to take notes, video quality, audio quality, typos, anything. (My wife always has a nice list) I then rework the footage and create the DVD with a menu.

      More steps indeed, but I have learned to get through them quickly. I also believe it cuts back on my render time.

      Matt if we knew what you did, all the steps you took it would help us to help you?

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      Thanks very much for all the help. As this is all new to me I am confused but deffiently startingTo understand. I will go back and check all my settings and try give some more info.

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      Okguys I hope this is a bit more info.

      My videos I need to convert to Vegas to accept so I convert them to mpeg 4.

      Project properties are

      Hd 1080-60i (1920*1080 29.970 fpsPixel rating 1.0000 (square)

      Render is mpeg 2 720*480-60i 16:9ntsc

      Project 1920*1080*32 29.970i
      Preview 480*270*32 29.970p
      I don’t know if that is the info that is needed but that is what I have come up with so far. Thanks again.

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      If I read that correct your raw footage is 1920, you render it when done as 720 I assume to a file, but the project final settings are 1920? If this is the case this is a major issue.

      Suppose I did understand that correctly, the final product of 1920×1080 is TOO large for the rendered file of 720×480.

      Your RAW footage of 1920×1080 is the standard now for recording. But is unusable for standard DVD. If you use a double layer DVD and keep the project under 1 hour the 1920×1080 is good quality, but you need a BD player. From your post it seems you are rendering the file as 720×480 but then turning around and trying to burn it as 1920×1080.

      If that is the case your issue is easy,

      Illustration……..HUM, You have this HUGE piece of foam rubber that you are going to use for a bed in a camper, the foam is 8 feet long, 4 feet wide and 6 inches thick. However the space in your camper is 6 feet long 3 feet wide, but you can leave it 6 inches thick. So you cut off 2 feet from the end and 1 foot from the side, you have COMPRESSED the foam to fit. Later however you get a bigger camper with more room, but you want to keep you foam mattress. But now it is too SMALL for the increased size, so you use clamps and STRETCH it to fit the 8 foot long and 4 foot wide new spot, but the foam mattress is now all funky and warped and weird, you STRETCHED it beyond its limits.

      So your RAW video is 1920×1080, you COMPRESS it to 720×480 (Standard DVD) but when you get ready to burn you STRETCH it way beyond what you can trying to get back to 1920×1080. You can’t go back up.

      For a standard DVD you need to leave it at 720×480. If you are wanting to burn a BD or HD Quality you need to keem the rendering of the entire project at 1920×1080 the ENTIRE time and with each render and save. Never change the format settings from the RAW settings.

      The reason it is “blurry” is you are stretching the pixels to overlap so they can fill in that larger area, also the television or BD player may be “filling” in the area by shading it with nearby colors.

      basically you are trying to stretch a Ford Focus into a Lincoln Continental. Can’t do it.

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      Ok I have realized that even if I change the properties to 720*480*32 the project under the preview screen won’t. Change this is where I can see my prblem as I have another video that works fine. Any idea or do I have to start project agaIn.

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      Do you have the RAW footage? If all you did was import it, a copy might still be on the camera?

      Also if you still have the project “saved”. Like with VSX5 you can save as you work on the timeline. Pull that file open. The footage is still in the 1920×1080 setting. It is the rendering that the error was made. If you still have the project saved, then open the project and do another render.
      Render it as AVCHD 1920×1080. But then when you burn it to disc burn the project as an AVCHD. It will keep the settings but you will need a Blu-Ray player.


      You rendered it as a 720×480, use that as is. Open your DVD creation software, create your DVD menu and drop in your footage, choose to burn as a standard DVD at 720×480. Since it is compressed as long as you leave it compresses it should work, but it will be fuzzy on TV’s maybe over 48″.

      If you did not save the project, and do not want a standard DVD, from the beginning. Back in my early years I made this exact same mistake, problem is I did not know Videomaker existed, so I did not know what I was doing and I kept doing it over and over. I got really frustrated. But then I read the manual and a lot of books and watch most of the teaching videos for Corel. After all that I corrected the problem then found Videomaker.

      But always save your projects.

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      Hey guys want to thank you all for the tips and help. After all thatsit wasn’t anything with Vegas it was the way I was converting the videos so all fixed. Thanks again.

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      AvatarAngel lopez

      Hello bbtr I’m having the same issue can you please help me here’s my email
      I see the you have found the issue but you did not explain how

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