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help please FCP web streaming

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    I’ve been usign final cut pro for a long time and love it. now i face something that i cannot do.

    i have fottage that i recorded using a canon xl1, it looks awsome on dvd but now i want to put it on the web. the site that i am using only allows for 100mb. the footagge that i have is 368mb, it is only2min long. i guess the size is so high becouse of the quality???

    so my video maker friends. i want to k now how do i compress my vidoe for web streaming with out making it look like crap using final cut pro ???

    this is a sample of what it looks like when i compressed it


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    I am not sure how you were doing it before but just go to File/Export/Export using Quicktime Conversion. Then I would use the h.264 codec. 300-400kbs is a pretty good quality vs. file size ratio. Should be much smaller than 300 MB. h.264 takes a while to encode but it is worth it. It should look much better than your example in this codec.

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    Do you all think quicktime is a better compression than mediaplayer.

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    RB Wrote:

    Do you all think quicktime is a better compression than mediaplayer.

    Yes, QT is better, from my point of view…

    Regarding video to web… Web has limitations that DVD doesn’t… and visavera.

    DVD = Perfect quality. Holds lots of MB.
    Web = Lower quality. Can’t beat the distribution channel.

    You need to understand the purposes of each and go from there. It sould like your expectations of the web are higher than what it can deliver. I to wish I could load up my video in perfect clarity on the web, but we can’t at this point.

    Try exporting with QT conversion and play with different settings.

    I prefer MPG4.

    Cheers Tony

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    can anyone guide me on how to get the video off my xl1 to final cut pro x?? THANKS!!

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