help on lighting/shooting an interview?

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      Hi, ive been asked to interview a minor celebrity for a behind the scenes for a dvd/promo, ive been told i need to use an ex1/ex3 (because it needs to be in 25P) and they want me to use a kino flo light, as well as a back light. most hire companies seem only to have ‘dedo lights’ – would these be just as good as a kino? whats the difference? The interview will be indoors in a house in the middle of the day but i expect there will be some outside light coming in (or would it be better to shut out all of the daylight?)

      i have done interviews before but im not very good with lighting, can anyone offer me any advice/tips, especially with regards to the lighting but also any tips on shooting interviews on the ex1/ex3…

      would really apprciate it,

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      Grinner Hester

      Light with what you are comfy with. Keep in mind clients often ask for things not kowing what they are asking for but just using buzz words. I can’t tell you how many times I am asked to add a chyron in the edit suite. Now, I could hit ebay and start looking for an oldcharacter generatorthat isn’t needed or wanted or I could just add a lower third graphic and rock on. Same thing here. They don’t care about the brand. They just want to make sure you know what 3 point lighting is.

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      You should be familiar with Chiaroscuro, also called Rembrandt lighting – It is the technique of bringing out good light/dark contrasts and makes for much better interview video, using three or four point lighting (key light, fill light, hair light and background light).

      FYI – This is the same for video as it is for still photography.

      You can do a google search and find much – I quickly found:

      I also have found that having the camera at an angle to the subject (not looking directly into the lens but at about a 15 degree offset – have the camera to your side and have the subject look at you) works well – As does having two versions, one very tight cropping the top of the head and one head & shoulders and cutting them together in your NLE.

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      so does anyone know the difference between these lights;

      kino flo

      dedo lights

      why would a dimmable light be better for an interview? and do i need flurescent lighting….

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      Grinner Hester

      In their minds, because you can dim it. To your point (I imagine), you can always adjust scrims, difusion and distance as needed. If wanting to dim, bring your variac. No need to go to the store for this.

      Can’t think of why you’d want flourescent lighting. That just introduces new obsticles. May as well just do it right. Again. say yes and do it your way.

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