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      Hi everyone [big breath]…this is my first post! I have already learned so much here just by reading through the forums and blogs. But I have not been able to find a solution to this:

      My producton is about a cricket match. In the background is a brick wall, and the foreground is a player getting padded up (ready for their game-saving knock!). I want to do thefollowing:

      1. Have a title (‘our hero dons his armour’) that looks like it is spray-painted on the brick wall and remains perfectly still despite a little (deliberate) camera movement; and

      2. Additionally, I would like some of the foreground element (another person assisting in the padding up) to obscure the title.

      What do I need to do to achieve this effect? I also have After Effects if that helps in achieving this vision….

      Thanks in advance

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      for the first part you could make an image file of “our hero…” using a graphics program and the spraypaint brush option. Save as png or gif with transparent background (or key out background)

      then open a sequence with your wall footage (timeline 1), place your image infront of the wall (timeline 2).

      In a new sequence add your previous sequence and add your camera movement to the previous sequence, the wall and spraypaint will move together.

      Adding your talent will be more difficult. If you are saying your hero is in the first sequence in front of the wall, you will have to mask him out so the lettering appears behind him. That would be a better AE job than PP one. The second person you are adding confuses me. If that person is already in the scene you’ll have to mask out that person too so you can keep the text behind.

      Double masking gets REALLY complicated and you’d have to wonder, at some point, if it would be better to green screen the talent and put them in front of a composed image background of a wall with spray paint writing vs hours in front of AE masking two characters.

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      Create it in photoshop first, complete with paint drips. You shake it and animate masks in AE for the drips/runs and the principal in the foreground to cover it.

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      Thanks for the ideas. I’ll try the Photoshop/After Effects suggestion from Grinner first.

      I hadn’t considered the idea of double masking…and don’t think I really want to try it either!

      Thanks again

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      AE Motion Tracking will keep the graphic stuck to the wall while the wall or other things move, if that is what you mean by

      “and remains perfectly still despite a little (deliberate) camera movement”

      Just keeping the graphic still while everything else moves is easy so I didnt’ think that is what you meant.

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