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       I have close to 100 mini-dv tapes and my older camcorder just broke, leaving me playerless! I was thinking about buying a commercial grade transfer machine that i can insert my tape and can burn automatically to dvd, but i cannot find any makers of these online. I was thinking that i do my own and then offer the service to my local community for extra $$$.. any suggestions on what models, makers etc would be VERY much appreciated.

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       Robes, I had a similar situation years ago with a digital 8 videocamera. I purchased an open box dig 8 to do the transfer. You might consider purchasing a good used cam of the same model as the one you are using that is broken.

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      Vid-e-o-man is right.  A second-hand shop is probably the way to go.  Advertise the service and purchase the appropriate equipment as needed.  You probably won’t be flooded with requests.  I have found that when potential customers are faced with the cost of transferring, they balk, and usually do it themselves, same way you would.

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      See if you can find a Sony DSR-11 DVCAM player/recorder deck on eBay or elsewhere. They were built like boulders … except for the plastic door, that is 😉

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