Help! MiniDV Tape crinkling problem

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      I was transferring some video from my Panasonic GS50 to my computer, when noticed I have one tape that is getting damaged. When I play the tape in question it puts a crinkle (or indented lines) across it and it is not playing correctly. When I advance the tape by hand I can see that it is in good condition before it plays through the camcorder. My other tapes are playing fine with no problems.

      1. Anyone experience this?
      2. Any suggestions on what to do? I have an hour of footage on that tape that I would like to salvage


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      Have you tried rewinding? Maybe there’s some slack. Can you ff past the point? Not sure if that’s a good idea;you might wrinkle and crinkle a whole bunch real fast.

      Here’s a link that might be useful:;action=display;num=1089750464

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