Help Me With My Sub Titles And I’ll Be Your Virtual BFF.

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      I need to put subtitles on a closing segment consisting of about 15 separate shots.
      I’m using FCS 2 and I have Photoshop CS Version 8.0.

      I need it to be centered not left justified. It looks like creating the titles in Photoshop using an alpha channel is what I have to do rather than what FC offers. I’ve used alpha channels about as often as I’ve walked on the moon, and nothing I have searched has really given me a step by step of how to create them correctly in PS and how to treat/set them up correctly when I bring them into FC. All my attempts have failed and I’ve been forced to destroy my specimens.

      I need the text of the titles to be white on each of the clips.

      If you can help me accomplish this I will say your screen name to my cat every day so that you are never forgotten in the annals of the Wild Kingdom.

      Or even if you can point me to an idiot sheet that will walk me though this. (I will then say our screen name to my cat once a week and twice on Sunday with a Glory Be! thrown in for good measure.)

      Thank you for any help.

      Brian Lambert

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