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      Just had a big break through (for me).

      I have $2200 to spend on for equipment.

      The project is a interview piece that will happen mostly in offices. With some shots outside.

      I will need everything but the tripod.

      What camcorder/sound/portable light stuff can I get?

      I would love a camcorder that didn’t look like a family cam-

      Also flexible on used or refurbished.


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      Canon GL2 = $1,500 to $1,700 (if you shop around)
      LitePanels micro series = $400 (GREAT for interviews, backed by natural light support)
      Rhode VideoMic = from $114 (used at Amazon)
      Zoom H2 standalone digital recorder = $200, give or take, (if you shop around)

      That should spend your $2,200 in ways you would get maximum production capabilities and with a camera that although Standard Definition, allows for 16×9 widescreen, and has quality 3-chip video capabilities on MiniDV tape.

      There are pro looking HD cams available but you’d have to up your budget a good bit for acquisition (pro looking camcorder) editing and production.

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      Is the Canon GL2 going to hold its value for at least a year in a half or so?

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      It has been around for awhile, and held its value quite well. Also, in its class, and for the price, it is a hard-to-beat standard definition Canon camera with a lot going for it.

      I continue to shot SD with Canon XL1 and GL2 cameras and have as yet not encountered a significant (none, actually) demand for high definition acquisition, editing or delivery in the broad range of productions in which I have been involved.

      I can only suspect that a GL2 acquired today will get you going in the right direction and keep you there for a minimum of another 18 months, making you money, and if you shoot wide angle, will get you wired for 16×9 HD shooting when you are ready to move up, or the market demand actually gets there.

      Very few people will have anything bad to say about the GL2 when compared to similar priced production tools.

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      Also- Where did you see these prices for the Canon GL2 (Cant find it anywhere.)

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      You referred to “used” being acceptable. You’ll have to check various video forum Equipment for Sale lists (including Videomaker); also ebay, Amazon, and even B&H Photo Video in their section for used equipment.

      Occasionally, you will find a new GL2 listed by any one of several box houses or mail order locations. “Shop around” are the key words.

      Also, advertise on forums that you are looking for one and state your price range. Many in the business are seeking, for whatever reasons, to move on or up to HD, and will work with you on price for their current GL2 camcorders.

      I’m keeping mine! πŸ™‚

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      GREAT BUY on GL2’s!

      FrameRunner, just came across this posting on under equipment for sale by a company, and people, I know and trust – they’re located in Las Vegas. This was posted on DV Professionals at 2 a.m. Aug. 29 and they’re offloading three to make room for HD investment.

      I trust them completely with my life, money, account numbers, favorite suit and a package of my favorite gum.

      Three GL2 camcorders with accessories at $1,100 each – a total STEAL! Dude…


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      Hi Framerunner

      I absolutely agree with Earl about the GL2. There are two or three other cameras like it from Sony and JVC and all are good starting 3 chip cameras.</>

      The GL2 also has accessories that you can get and one of them is a microphone adapter so that you could use professional microphones later on. This add on would boost you sound quality significantly.

      Here is a link to Information about the GL2 at Canon’s website Click Here From there you can actually download the user manual and really check it out to see if it will meet your needs.

      Staci Newsom</br>
      Old Pueblo Video

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