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      I am a novice movie maker and I am making a video about homeless youth in my community. If I uploaded a wav of the audio could someone edit it for me and send it back? (IE normalize the audio so its consitant, take out background humming ect.) I tried really hard to do this myself and I couldnt do it.

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      Try using Audacity – they have a noise reduction feature and it’s free.

      You’ve learned a good lesson – GIGO – Garbage In Garbage Out.

      Getting good audio is just as important as getting good video.

      Only use a video camera which has an audio in jack so you can use a microphone

      rather than the camera audio.

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      I tried using the noise reduction feature but I wasn’t able to use it correctly. Are there any step by step guides? Thanks!

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      Oh, yes. Try Audacity. That’s what I’m learning/using. It works, it’s free, it’s great! There is also a tutorial at that I found yesterday. It’s a little complicated, but very informative. It’s at

      What needs to be done to your WAV? Is there crackle/static/hum? Or is it too loud, quiet, affected? I could do it if you really don’t want to. Email it to

Viewing 3 reply threads
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