Help me choose a mic.

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      I have a hv40 and d3100 ill be shooting with, looking for a good mic. I just sold my xl2 and thought the stock mic on that did a great job, i think it was just a stereo mic. I shoot mostly outdoor auto stuff,picking up enginenoise,things of that sort andoccasionallypeopletalkingare what i need to capture.

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      Sounds to me as if you require two different types of mics. Assumption #1 on my part is that you want a camera mounted mic? The Audio Technica stereo mic would seem to fit the bill for recording”. . . auto stuff,picking up enginenoise,things of that sort “. For capturing people talking, you would do well to consider any of the many fine short shotgun mics out there. A hybrid approach might be to investigate a ” stereo shotgun “. I think Sennheiser made one? MKH-418?? Could be that Sony, Panasonic, whomever, sells an ” original equipment ” stereo mic which would suit your purpose. Do your camcorders supply Phantom powering?

      Rick Crampton

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      yes camera mounted or also i may use on the hotshoe of my rig. phantom powering? sorry idon’tknow what that means lol. I have seen some that get power from the camera then some that use batteries i guess itdoesn’tmatter to me either way as long as i get good sound. with my xl2 i cold stand a good bit away from the road and still pickup car sounds very good. here is just a quick clip i made but you can hear the sounds very well and i was a ways off the road.

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      im thinking about a canon dm50

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