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      Hello Everyone!

      This is my first post on this site. I really need some
      professionally opinions. My question is that Im stuck trying to pick a camera
      that will launch my videography career as a professional.

      First I have about 2000 dollars to spend on the Camera and
      Gear, here are my two choices. (If you has different idea Id love to hear it)

      1.) The
      camera I want is the Canon 60D thats about 1200 W/kit lens then spend the
      rest on one more lens and then I need some audio support. For that I need to get a
      microphone and a portable audio recorder and that should tape me out around

      2.) The
      2nd choice is NOT get a DSLR and just put all the money into a
      professional video camera. Some models I have been looking at the Canon XA10 HD
      or the Sony HDR-FX7 Link
      then put a shot gun microphone on the top through the XLR connection

      Again Im a little lost at what to
      do? Are there real pros and cons to these cameras? I do some event coverage
      but mostly do promotional videos and online wed shows.

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      Christian – If you get the 60D, you shouldn’t plan on shooting exteriors with shingled roofs or brickwork in the background – or interiors with patterned fabrics or clothing. Otherwise your shots may be ruined by something called moire, as seen in the linked videos.

      If you get the Sony FD7, you will be stuck with interlaced video and a 20th century tape-based workflow, with all of the hassles that entails.

      For that reason (and the 60D’s 12 minute continuous shot limit), of the three cameras on your list, I recommend the $1849 Canon XA10. Progressive video, XLR inputs and manual audio gain control so you don’t need an external recorder, no moire and unlimited recording time with dual SD cards.

      If I weren’t limited to these three cameras, I might recommend something else, though πŸ˜‰

      Hope this is helpful,


      Hybrid Camera Revolution

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