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      I am video taping a class I teach and want to capture to Premier Elements in real time and store on an external harddrive to transfer to Premier pro 2.0 for editing later. Three cameras will be used to shoot. I will be doing this on a monthly basis and editing it as well for webcasting. I need to put this system together and don’t know which is the best low light camera that is affordable and compatable with using Premier Elements as the capture program. Can anyone please help me?[/b]

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      😯 I think you might be a little confused or else I’m missing something.

      Why do you want to capture through Elements and then send it to Premiere Pro?

      As far as cameras go, you mentioned web casting. If you’re primary target is that then you don’t really need a $2500.00 dollar camera. You could probably get buy with a MiniDV cam in the $500.00-$750.00 range. If you are going to show this on a TV via a DVD or something of that nature then you would probably want to go with a nicer camera. One of the better low light cameras out there is Sony’s VX2000. These are very good when filming in darker than normal situations. If you’re taping in a room with normal lighting, then you could get by with Canons and Pannys too. For the most part it really depends on your budget as to which way you should go.

      Anyway… once you have your camera problem solved, all you do is record to tape and then just capture through Premiere Pro. That program is capable of doing that too. You don’t need Elements to capture DV footage to your PC.

      Perhapes you can give us some dollar numbers that are within your budget so that some of us can give you some ideas.


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      Thanks for replying RAM, I am teaching two 7 hour days of classes per month and I am filming with 3 camera angles 14 hours X 3 = 42 hours to capture and edit. I am on about a 10K budget for everything including computers etc. I do not want to stop filming to change tapes and I also want to lessen the rendering time. I have been advised to run the video and audio feed directly in to laptops with Premier Elements; (one for each camera to capture real time) that have external harddrives – 300MBea. After shooting I will take the hard drives and transfer the files into a faster bigger computer to edit on Premier Pro. My original question had to do with camera compatiblity to the Elements and whether the program would do what I want. I also want to mike 3 seperate tracks with external mikes and send them directly to the laptopthrough a Presonus Firepod mixer. Will Elements capture that for me? I am a newbie so don’t want to spend too much money unnecessarily trying to figure this stuff out. It is not so easy to just go to the electronics store and get help. Everyone I speak with seems to know less than me and I KNOW I don’t know. Thanks

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      Jesus Hank… My bad! I meant the VX2100. :-//


      Wow, I guess you must have a reason for going to the extreme for videoing your class. To be honest with you, what you are planning on doing will take a lot of time to put together in the end. Just transferring video between PC’s in real time will take you 42 hours. Then you plan to do a 3-cam edit! I tell you what, I know what you’ll be doing when you’re not teaching a class… you’ll be editing. πŸ˜€

      I’m not sure of what you are trying to do but is there a way you could stagger start these cameras? I usually do that with Catholic weddings because they have a tendency of going over an hour so by staggering the start, you can switch tapes in the first camera without having to worry about missing any ceremony because you have the second camera still online.

      Just a question: What kind of class are you teaching that requires 3 cameras?

      The reason I’m asking is that there are editing and filming techniques that can make a teaching video more interesting through the use of B-roll cutaways and so fourth.


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