Help! JVC Mini-DV Fault Message” Unit in safeguard mode”

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      Help please! I own a JVC GR-D20EK Mini-DV camcorder and recently had a message come up when I turn it on. It says” E01 Unit in Safeguard Mode Remove and Reattach Battery” I have done this to no avail. The tape is also still inside. Does anyone know how I could overcome this problem or the choices I have.

      Regards Kevin.

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      Hi John, tried that and did not work. Have you any other suggestions please.



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      I MADE MINE WORK!!!! With the camera off, I pressed and held the “play”
      button while I powered it on into playback mode. It actually let me
      watch the tape. I switched it to “REC” mode and still got the error. So
      I switched it off, pushed and held the rec button while powering it
      on… IT WORKED. Now I can power it on and off with no more error
      messages (so far)! Let me know if this works for you too!

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      AvatarDorian ginet

      Hello I have a problem with the camera camera. the tape and makes noise it is in the camera I can not read the tape I do how to play the tape ?

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      Thanks god. You helped me a lot!

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