HELP – is the Pana AG-HVX200 and DVX100B overkill

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      I have no videography experience whatsover. I have a documentary idea that reflects something close to my heart. I don’t know that it will ever be seen by anyone other than my family, but want it to be professional enough so that it could be seen by the masses. Considering I have only pressed record in my regular family camcorder, are these two cameras overkill for my needs or too hard to learn to use? My birthday is tomorrow and we are going to look at them today. Would I be foolish? Other cameras that are better for my skills (or lack there of)? Thank you very much.

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      Well, a lot of us are drooling over the idea of getting such a camcorder for a birthday present. X-D
      It does sound like overkill, though. Both of those camcorders offer progressive scan, a feature very desirable for doing special effects, or for transfer to 35mm film for theatrical release.

      Right now is an awkward buying time for camcorders, since the industry is shifting to hi-def. But for an individual, hi-def has some issues. You’ll need a more powerful computer for editing (much more powerful if you want to take advantage of what the HVX200 can do). And you’d probably need to create BluRay disks for distribution to people with hi-def players. So which way do you go, standard-def or hi-def?

      The easy route would be to get a standard-definition prosumer camcorder like a Canon GL-2, or for low-light situations, a Sony VX2100. (The DVX100B is also standard-def, but a bit more expensive. Do you really need progressive scan?) Movies made with any of these camcorders could still be seen "by the masses", although if you want to get it commercially distributed, a hi-def movie would be more marketable (but more work to produce).

      Happy Birthday! 😀
      Ken Hull

      P.S. — The HVX200 or the DVX100B is going to have a significant learning curve. 😕 It sounds like you might not be ready for that.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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