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      First Post.
      Hello everyone this has been awhile but I need some serious help. Let me start from the top. I want to purchase AVCHD camcorder soon to get away from tape base media. Now with that I have been editing with Final Cut studio for the past three years and before that Avid Liquid 7. Editing on both was not a problem for me. Now with my Mac is a power Mac G5 2.3 duel with 4 gigs of memory. My old PC which I used to edit using Liquid 7 was a home build PC Pentium 4 with 2gigs of memory. My family PC is a new Dell with i7 processor with 6 gigs of memory. I really do not want to use this computer because I dont want to tie it up when other family members want to use it. So you see the problem that I have. First of all in order to edit AVCHD and transfer it to BluRay I would need a more powerful PC or an Intel Mac. I do home, and family videos, air shows, photo slides show light pro consumer stuff. Here is were I am at. I was looking a Sony Vegas but coming off Final Cut Studio and using things like Motion and Soundtrack Pro I am not sure I would be happy with Vegas. I look hard at Adobe CS4 it looks like it has everything I would need. Final Cut Studio 3 but is does not have true blu-ray authoring like CS4 dose. Here are my choices build a PC myself or purchase another PC or purchase a Mac the thing about purchase another Mac that is going to be at least twenty four hundred dollars along. Oh is an iMac powerful enough to handle FCP-3 or Adobe Cs4? I am trying to come up with the most cost effective upgrade path. Any suggestions

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      Go with the Mac Pro, FCP Studio 3, Toast 10 (or soon, 11) – work around whatever BluRay and AVCHD issues (there ARE workarounds); purchase the Panasonic HMC-150 or JVC’s GY-HM100 or even (though you don’t want it) the tape-based Canon XH-A1. Get a card reader, and you should be happy – provided, of course, you have the budget for this seeing as you are essentially a hobbyist but want to do quality production work.

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      I’m in a similar position as kmaultsby. I am about to purchase a Canon Vixia HF S100 which records in AVCHD at a max of 24mbps. My current PC is a 2 year old laptop and I’m worried that it just won’t cut it as far as performance for editing my HD video. Specs are:

      Windows XP with Service Pack 3
      Intel Core 2 Duo CPU
      T7100 @ 1.8Ghz Processor
      2GB RAM
      GeForce 8400 video card
      ~160GB Hard drive (500GB external aswell)

      Any idea if this should do the trick? If not, any recommendations? Also, can anyone recommend a good AVCHD editing/recording software combo? I’ve heard excellent things about Vegas and Toast, but the combo would save me some coin (do these programs do both editing and recording to HD DVD or Blu-ray?).

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      Yea , that Lappy will work great – I use a T7200 in mine and it has done 1080 24p encoding for 3 years now – no problems – if u start editing and you have problems – there are 2 areas that you could look at to solve any problems:

      upgrade Hard Drive with 7200 rpm or with a SSD (Solid State Drive)

      and or

      upgrade processor to a T7300 (it has 4MB cache instead of 2MB)

      2 GB of RAM is enough to edit HD

      Happy Editing!

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      Perfect :)… reassurance is a great feeling! HDVideoPro is there a PC based software you could recommend for editing and burning? Like i mentioned im trying to find a combo program so i can save some cash (I have the $1200 camera woes…)

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      Honestly – this is all you need to get working with AVCHD:

      For about $370?
      Editing:Premiere Elements

      Encoding => Blu-ray/DVD
      Or for $600 you can try Vegas + Blu-ray:
      Or if you got the cash($800) + Blu-ray Drive – spring for CS4:
      Heres another Blu-ray Drive from Newegg: $194

      There’s a few choices – I enjoy using Adobe – so I got no reason to change! πŸ™‚

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