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      I am at my wits end, I cannot seem to find any information on how I can take the 100’s on .mts files I have and convert them to .mov files to use in FCP7.

      In the past I have used mpeg streamclip, but that is because I did not have to keep the 1920×1080 specs, I was able to go lower. However for this project, I have to keep it at 1920×1080, h.264.

      I have read on other posts conversion programs that cost $500, I can’t afford to do that. I have Toast 10, I can’t figure out how to convert to let it save on a hard drive, it only wants to output to a DVD.

      Please help. I need to get this footage transferred this weekend.

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      MPEG Streamclip can export 1920X1080, though. So I don’t understand why you still can’t use that program. Also, work with ProRes files in FCP, not H.264.

      If MPEG Streamclip really isn’t working for you, have you tried Compressor?

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      Apple’s program, “Compressor,” should work. It used to come bundled with Final Cut Pro 7 as part of the purchased program suite (with “Motion”, “Color”, etc.).

      Are there problems using “Compressor”??

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      Hello, everybody, I also need to convert a number of high-definition video, I used a lot of versions of the effects are not very satisfied, there will be some inadequacies, and later found a very good utility software online, a new Emisoft MTS converter tool is very easy to use, easy to operate, do not look at the tutorial instructions can smooth operation, and there are features you need to adapt to all the needs of the user, Come Just do it, you deserve!

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      It provides rich fuctions: capture pictures, setting diverse advanced profiles, create video from pictures, split one source file to several or output certain segment by setting exact time length, etc.

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      Have you tried Windows Live Movie Maker?

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      To solve the problem, one solution is to convert the your file to FCP compatible format (MEPG4 and H.264). As far as I know, you could try DVDFab and macx dvd ripper pro. Which one is better, you’ll see.

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      Stop using FC "Pro", it's not so "pro" and use Sony Vegas Pro, it works with anything, unlike FCP.

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      Save yourself a lot of grief and go with "ClipWrap"… was in the same situation you are in, found this software, and it works like a charm… really fast and can do batch processing… $50 I believe, but well worth it. you won't be disapointed.



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      I have the same problem as you before, but when I use the MTS/M2TS Converter which recommended by my friend, I solve the problem easily. I hope this also can solve your problem.

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      I still don't understand why so many people insist on using FCP which apparently can't handle almost all native camera formats w/o some sort of conversion!

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      I also had the problem, all my mts file can not imported into fcp for editing. Finally, I have tried this to convert mts file to mov, then it can imported into fcp. You also can try it.

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      The best converter for your files would be Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate or the smaller FREE version. Google this one and you will never need another converter utility again.  It's awesome!!


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      I'm assuming your referrencing the C100. If so, you can just use FCP7s Log and Transfer to import the MTS files and convert to, say, ProRes.

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      You can use MTS converter software or  convert the your file to FCP compatible format (MEPG4 and H.264).

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      Free open resource FFmpeg is the only software project to convert MTS to editable QuicktimeMOV files for Apple Final Cut Pro. But you should know some computer command. For example, if you want convert the file to .AVI, there is a bunch of complex code “ffmpeg -i INPUT.MTS -vcodec libxvid -b 18000k -acodec libmp3lame -deinterlace -ab 192k -s 1280×720 -r 50 OUTPUT.avi” which you should know.
      As a DV photographer, I purchased Sony HDR-AX2000 which creates MTS files that can't be read directly by FCP. But I am lack of skilled computer program instructions. It couldn't seem to pick a correct encodings to get the audio and video to stay in sync.
      How to Convert MTS Files to Editable Quicktime MOV
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      Check out Clipwrap ( It rewraps AVCHD, rather than transcoding it. That avoids the generational loss from transcoding.

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      Updated to Final Cut Pro X. FCP X supports AVCHD natively via the import method, as long as it is in a MOV wrapper.

      Learn more from How to Import Video into Final Cut Pro X:

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      Pavtube makes an MTS converter for $29.  It will convert to most codecs including ProRes and h264.

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