HELP! GL2 & ZR830 firewire not available- Bad Port?

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      I teach a video class at SWHS and we are having a big problem that I have never encountered before. 4 ZR830 cams and a GL2 have lost the function to transfer data through the ieee firewire port. All worked, then just started going down. The computer port works fine. I’ve tested the ports with external HD’s and hubs and all work. The camera works great. WHen we connect the firewire cable to the camera and turn it on, nothing happens on the computer. The software says it is not detected. Has anyone else gone through this? Are the ports on the cameras all bad??? Any help is greatly appreciated. And yes, we have tried different cables.



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      Hmm…i’ve heard of ports going bad before. If you are using Final Cut Pro to edit with, all I can tell you is that you have to connect your camera and turn it on before you start Final Cut. It may be like that with other programs as well, but I’m not sure because I only use Final Cut.

      Good luck. Sorry I can’t tell you more.

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      One thing you might check

      Whenyou begin a new project in Premire Pro CS3 you have to select the project details – particularly important to this problem is – if you select SD plain jane NTSC for output, HDV signals aren’t recognized w/o some fiddling around. So, when I’m mixing my primary HDV (new cam) with my secondary SD (old cam) I have to make sure I load my HDV under HDV settings. Your program may be different – whatever you are using, but I encourage you to match your input to set-up output or ‘properties.”

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