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      I am planning to do some teaching videos but am on a low budget. Videos will be made by shooting from a distance of about 10 ft. of someone sitting at a desk or standing at a podium. Would like something that I can download to my computer to edit with MoviePlus editor program. Would appreciate and advice anyone can give. Thanks.

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      The on-board mic on a camcorder will not be a good solution if your subject is 10′ away. I would recommend a shotgun microphone (i.e. Rode Videomic), or using a lapel mic w/ transmitter and receiver. You could purchase a lesser expensive microphone to position it next to the speaker, and add a 10′ extension cablethat plugsinto the mic port on your camcorder.

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      Two biggest problems in my opinion are good audio and good lighting. Stollman made good points about the audio above, and so I will add to get at least a cheap florescent work lamp to put some light on the subject. Experiment with th light position and use headphones to make sure the audio is loud and clear. If you use the camera mic, the audio will sound hollow and distant. Good luck!

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