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      Hey everyone I’m new. My name is Roger, and i’m looking for a new camcorder. I’m in a band, and we’d like to shoot our live performances, aswell as shoot little tid bits of ourselves when we go into the studio, etc….I’m looking for a camera with tleast 10X optical zoom, can be used in low light, and can use an external mic, and get a good sound at high spl’s.Aswell as transfer data via firewire. What do you all recommend? Thanks – Roger

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      And, what would you be willing to spend? Do you want a tape format, hard drive, or memory card to acquire your footage? Do you want to stay with standard definition, or go with high definition? Widescreen?

      How much, or how little, camcorder do you have in mind? CCD or CMOS? Three chip, or will a single sensor do?

      The short answer would be the Canon HV30 coming in for under a grand. The longer answer is there are a BUNCH of GREAT cameras ranging in price from $800 to more than you’d probably ever want to spend. Panasonic is coming out very soon with a new challenger that records to SD cards and will make editing life a bit less complicated, provided you are using current platform/software components and not working with something that is several years old. That Panasonic camera will run just under $4K.

      There are several other models by Sony, Canon, JVC, etc. that hit the $2,700 to $3,700 bracket. Several for more, a few for less.

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      i’m looking to spend under 1,000. But im also gonna be looking at used cameras, b/c I want something comparable to a Gl1, or vx2000. I dont really care about format, just as long as picture quality is there when it goes digital on my computer. definetly have to be a 3ccd camera.

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      It doesn’t use firewire (USB 2.0 with MPEG2 or AVCHD) but I love my Sony SR11 and it meets all your other requirements.

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      whats its rating for low light video? The lense looks small, compared to the prosumer type cameras, wouldnt that yield a lower quality picture in low light? – Roger

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      Me personaly I like either the JVC HD7 or if you can find a used one under 1K the JVC GYHD110u

      I own a HD7 and I am begging, trying to barrow, and i refuse to stoop to stealing a 110 πŸ™‚

      Hey if anyone has one they don’t want anymore :)))))))

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      Sorry, couldn’t delete posting.

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      THe SOny HDR-SR11 or SR12. I’ve got the SR12 with a 120GB hard drive.

      No fireware, but darned awesome camera. The Hard drive is terrific, because all you do is picked the camera and go. Yeah, the battery has to be charged.

      The camera has a LCD screen and a viewfinder, which is a nice feature in the smaller size cameras.

      It’s just a handful and you can carryeverything you need in a small bag just aboutthe size of a ladies purse.

      It’s got amini-hdmi on the camera to hdmi. I just plug it into the TV an Voila!

      I got mine 1025.00 andthink they’re cheaper now.

      Here is a link to CNET review of the SR12

      Yikes… they are now $879. at – I haven’t had mine much more than a month, and wow! I’d say it’s a flippin’ bargain at that.

      Oh! and I gotthe camera I orderedwith no flim flam or screwin’ the troops. If the price is too cheap, watch your back.

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      I would get the Canon Vixia HV30 ($800) and spend the extra couple hundred and get the B and H MKE400 kit ($300), which will come with a mini boom and litepanel with an extension arm and windmuff…

      You’ll be shooting in HD and be getting good enough audio for anything.. Plus the kit comes with a great little light for dark or nighttime shots (ie: in a club before/after performance, outside clubs, car rides, etc..) and an extension arm so you can set up the mic and light at the same time… Then go to radio shack and buy a cheap trip and you’re ready to go…

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