Help editing video from Canon Vixia HF S11

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      I recently purchased a Canon Vixia HF S11 and am having difficulty, to say the least, editing the video. I also just purchased Sony Vegas Movie Studio, only to find out that it has great difficulty in editing Canon video. I have uploaded my files to my computer (.mts files) and can view them in Vegas but the footage is choppy and grainy. I read on a forum about NewBlue Upshift program that converts the files to .m2t This does work, however the cost of the full program is around $80 and is about the cost for Sony Vegas itself. I am looking for another program that would allow me to edit Canon’s videos that is relatively problem free and not overly expensive. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!!!

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      Zooovi –

      AVCHD Upshift from New Blue FX is well worth the money. Vegas Movie Studio will edit MTS (AVCHD) files but you’ll need a very powerful computer to do so (I have done it on a Core 2 Duo with 2GB of RAM but a nice Core i7 with 8GB RAM would be better).

      Bottom line is you will need either a better computer or something to convert the AVCHD files into a form your computer can deal with.

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      Thats what I figured. I do need to upgrade so for the time being, New Blue is what I will have to do. Thanks for the fast feedback!

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      $89?Yes,it is a little high.

      i share a more economic software which is called Aunsoft MTS Converter which you can do some editing to your MTS files,like cropping unwanted parts, trimming the video length,watermarking with text,image and video,relacing the original video,merging several files into one and deinterlacing the mts files.

      And it is also a professional video converter which is capable of converting MTS files to other common video and audio formats,like mov,mp4,mpeg,avi,mp3,ogg,flac and ect.

      It deserves a try.

      Good luck.

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