help!!! Connecting Camera wirelessly

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Hey Guy's am new to this forum...

Anyway, well I have a pro camera but I've wanting to brodcast a live event live via Ustream but I can't have cables running over the stage everywhere so i need to do it wirelessly! I can purchase additional gear if nessacery.

Firstly does anyone know how to wirelessly stream video from camera to a computer?

Secondly do I need aditional hardware and software? If so what?

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi Andrew, I just spent the last 20 minutes searching this forum for a post I saw recently (during the last couple of weeks) on just this subject but I can't find it. I know there are issues with the distance between the camera and the wireless receiver and also that you would need to havethe wireless transmitter hard wired which might be difficult out in the field but I know there is advice from some of the more prominent and experienced regslike EarlC, Composite1 and grinner so maybeyou could check out their posts and see if anythingemerges. There appeared to be some issue with thesignal not coping with walls as well. I guess my post doesn't help a lot. Suggest you try searching as well. I've keyed in phrases like "300 feet" (I seem to remember that was stated to be the optimum distance) but nothing came up.

Good luck