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      I used Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6 a few years ago and I am getting back into it. I found out that liquid is not supported on vista. I was able to get it to install in demo mode but it never asked for the studio 9 disks, and I can’t get that to install. My question is, what is the closest software to Liquid that will work on vista. I was looking at Studio 12, but it only has 2 video tracks and I feel that I may need more.

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      Not knowing what level of editor you are looking for, many of the new ones allow free 30 trial downloads (wait until you are ready to work with them to install as the clock starts once it is installed). I would look at them for the features you want then take those that havethem for a “test drive”.

      I use a consumer level NLE, Corel Video Studio Pro X2.My videos do not need fancy transitions or chroma-key overlays, although this will do some nice ones. It supports 1 master and 6 overlay video tracks.

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