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      I’m looking to buy a camcorder to use in my research with young children. I work as an early childhood educator and I want to buy something small, inexpensive- (preferably under 300$ and max 500$) that I could give to toddlers to try some filming of their own and use myself for documentation in the classroom. In the movies I make I want to be able to layer the movies and play with the images to question standardized ideas about children and what is possible in education. I have a PC – can anyone recommend a camcorder and software for this type of project?


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      Hi kidscams,

      to get a camera that you can hand off to toddlers can be risky. However, I would have to recommend the flip camera. Here is a link

      You can get them for under $150 and it shoots 720p. This would be a great camera if you are going to give it to little ones. Easy to use and no tapes to worry about. For editing software you could use Adobe Premier Elements. It should have not problems with the footage and you can get it for $100. I hope this helps.

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