HELP! Can’t find one camera with all the features I need…

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      I’ve been trying for days to find a camera with these features:

      1. Small
      2. Mic input
      3. Wireless or wired remote zoom, or LANC input
      4. Under $400

      SD or HD does not matter to me. The Canon FS200 comes close, but has no remote zoom. Likewise, I’ve seen Sony models with the zoom but no mic input. If the camera has a LANC input, I could buy a remote zoom.

      Anyone know of one that combines all the above features?

      Thanks for any help!


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      Let us know when you find one, especially for less than $400. And especially one that generates an image you can do something with other than simply capturing home video.

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      Not many of them, other than invest in an older camcorder.

      Google betacam (or VHS), pick one, and then research to see if it has a mic input, and LANC.

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      The FS200’s got a LANC port,

      and I don’t see why you couldn’t get something to zoom

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      See if this does enough of what you want

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      I’ve experimented with building inexpensive robot camera platforms.

      one thing I found that can work as an inexpensive controller… instead of a lanc….

      I took an old sony ir remote, cracked it open de-soldered the ir led off the board, and soldered in a 16 inch length of jumper wire between the board and the led.

      This allows me to mount the led close to the ir port on the camera and operate all the functions available on the remote… whether the camera is mounted inboard of a robot or housing of some sort… or on a tripod if I clamp the remote to the tripods pan tilt handle…

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      Just curious, what are you going to use the camera for?

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      That is a valid question – what do you plan to use the camera for. If SD is acceptable, then the Canon ZR960 is a good solution. It does have an external mic input and a remote control and cost about $200 new.

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      Never mind.

      The FS200 doesn’t have a LANC port.

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