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      I am at witts end here. Posting this now because I just cant find the solution after hours searching.

      I want to burn my AVCHD files (Canon HFS10) to a DVD to watch on a Blu ray player. I dont have a BD burner. I understand this can be done, but am looking for the most simple method or software to do this. Is there there a single program that can do this? I tried IMGburn without luck. I have found exactly this for Mac,, but I have a PC, and Shedworx is not planning to release a PC version. Any simple, one stop solution like this for PC? Thanks in advance for any input.

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      Brian, I use Vegas Movie Studio 9 and this is very easy to do after editing my AVCHD to burn High Defintion to regular DVD which will only play on a Blu ray or aPS 3. Another way to do this is to use Sony’s DVD direct Model VRD-MC5 orlater. No computer is needed, you just load your files straight from your camcorderinto the recorder and it will burn your files to a DVD within High Definition (AVCHD). If you chose to, you can change the files to regular defintion and burn to DVD to play in a regular DVD player. Canon might also have something along thse lines. I am not familiar with the output connections of the HFS10. I would check to see if it is compatible with the model of recorder that you get. I was able to pick up a used model on ebay at a reasonable price ($75) and I use it to download files off my camcorder for backup and to free up space. It will also transfer your old VHS, Hi 8, digital 8, or whatever otherrecordings (home movies, etc.) to DVD for back up. It offers some limited menu selection also.

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