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      my question is – is it okay to use a varizoom lcd w/ sunhood and all the goodies in place of a production monitor while shooting to check for correct exposure and lighting ? decent monitors go for $700-1000 / is it worth the cash? I’m looking into shooting commercials for local tv stations such as WNDS and WMUR and comcast. I’m still pretty new to the high end equipment and would love some help / thanks / p.s. how would i hook up my canon xl-1 to a production monitor ? do they have rca or should i use a different connection for betetr picture / i’m lost

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      Hi, has 7″ LCD monitors for under $300. Talk to them about effects of sun if your shoot is outdoors. Panasonic has 27″ CRT models for under $500. (Didn’t see their smaller model on website These suppliers can sell you the cables needed or Radio Shack will have them.
      REGARDS … TOM 8)

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