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      Hi All, I am a self-taught video editor who cut his teeth on Pinnacle Studio 9 plus. I decided to go for the Adobe PSE/PRE combo and am frustrated so far with Premiere elements. I filmed some home movies that save in the .ASF format. Adobe pre can get the small files, but says it doesn’t recognize the codec I used in the larger files. One is 1.3 gig. I did receive Arcsoft mediaconverter 2.5 with the digital camcorder, but it is also having difficulties saving these larger files. Here are my questions:

      1. Any recommendations on which default settings I should use on the digital camcorder for compressing film?

      2. How can I use Arcsoft mediaconverter to concert my .ASF files and which settings should I choose when converting?

      Many thanks from Tampa

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      2. Really sounds like a question for Arcsoft more than Premiere Elements. Maybe someone else is using that software.

      1. Not really sure what you mean by Compressing Film, what model camcorder do you have and what are you trying to do?

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      The larger ASF files may have not been indexed. Your best bet is to throw the ASF files into WMV Encoder and convert WMV this will re-index them and also give you an editable format to work with. That’s really your best bet with the ASF problem.

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