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      Hi! I have recently become very interested in video production. I am a firefighter/paramedic and a few of my friends and I have been taking video while enroute and at calls. We have been following a recent fad which brings the public into the lives of firemen. HOWEVER, We wanted to take it to the next level in reguards to actually making a few hollywood style movies only documentarys. Currently we have been useing windows movie maker nd tried the adobe premier 2.0 (which has brought on more headaches than results.) My "Film Director" actually went out and bought a brand new Apple Mac under the advice of a friend of his. What I am asking is does anyone have any ideas for us? We are looking for cheap ways to place video cameras with thier own SD like memory onboard the trucks and ever our helmets. We have found a few things on e-bay that would work well. Also any ideas on ideo production software? Basicly I’m askin for any ideas/help at all. We are very new to this and can’t really spend the time to go to night school to learn it all. I appreciate any comments you might have. Also if your interested in exactly what I’m talking about…visit


      FF/Paramedic "Truckie"
      Truckie Productions
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      If you can wait for a couple months, a new product that fits your needs exactly, will be available. I can’t say anything else or provide details right now. I will be Beta testing the product shortly.

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      nice stuff you got there, I will be interested in seeing more. And also, if you want a great place to upload your videos try the audio and picture quality are way better than youtube or google in my opinion, plus the video will be posted within minutes.

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