Helo Aerials with GoPro

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      I’ve been seriously looking into using the small GoPro cameras for ‘crash cam’s’ since I filmed some auto races last year. GP now offers HD capable cameras with variable framerates and the images look pretty good for so inexpensive a rig. Also, there has been growing interest in using RC Helicopters with DSLR cameras for less expensive aerial video. Here’s a vid that combines a small RC Helo and two GoPro cams for some really good aerial shots.

      GoPRO HD HERO x2 + RC HELI Protos 500 from Marko Butrakovic on Vimeo.

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      Interesting rolling shutter effect on the rotor blades. Gives them a twirled ribbon look.

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      Yeah, they probably wouldn’t have gotten that if they’d went with 60p on the rear cam. Though you don’t get great audio with the GoPro’s, you do get surprisingly good images from a $300 + cam. And when you need a good crash cam, but don’t have the budget to put a DSLR in action I’m sure you wouldn’t be too bent watching a $300 cam get blown up!

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