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      We recently bought a helmet cam. However there is a yellow rca jack type end it and we need a reasonable recorder for it. Are there handheld recorders like the audio recorders? Any ideas for this other than putting a video camera in a bag. Thanks.

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      Are you looking for an external video recorder to feed through the camcorder’s A/V output, or are you simply looking for a digital audio recording device to capture audio for your video?

      Something like this comes to mind:

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      I was looking for something like the audio recorder but that records video. The helment camera says you need to hook it to your camera and record. However that is not really an option for the videoing we plan to do with it. So we would like to find something that is smaller that could fit in a pocket or small bag.

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      If I understood correctly, you are looking for a pocket-sized digital recorder that captures videovia A/V. Here are a couple of links that might help.



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      It sounds like you have a Yellow RCA Video Jack coming out of your helmet camera. They call that Composite Video.


      Most people will record onto a small camcorder like a DCR-HC32 or a DCR-TRV22, or something similar (cheapest solution). These camcorders record onto DV Tape. You can pick up these camcorders for $150 (used) or less of Ebay. There are two types of video (aux) inputs for camcorders. One type is a special SONY 10 Pin plug (DCR-HC32), and a standard3.5mm Jack (DCR-TRV22 and other camcorder models). You will need a interface between your helmet camRCA Jack, the the camcorder input. If you buy a camera with the Sony 10 Pin Input, you’ll need something like this:


      If you buy a camcorder with a standard3.5mm input, you’ll need something like this (PVS-6CABLE-AV 3.5mm AV Cable):


      Below are some helmet camera manufacturers that will have helmet cam cables to solve your problem.

    • http://www.xtremerecall.com
    • http://www.helmetcamera.com
    • http://www.jonescam.tv
    • http://www.sportzshot.com
    • http://www.actionvideocams.com
    • http://www.actionsportscams.com
    • If you want to spend more money ($400+), you can buy recording devices that record to a hard drive (Archos), or that records to an SD Card (video quality not as good as DV Tape or Hard Drive)..

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    I was afraid that the option would be carring a camcorder. Since we do a lot of go-kart racing at a track, its kinda impractical to carry a camera since you cannot wear a backpack and wouldnt be able to put one in your pocket since you are strapped in with a full harness. That is why I thought a little portable recorder would be best. Any links to where to search for one? Or their name so I can google it? Thanks in advance.

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