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      I been a videographer since 2007. I’m in college majoring in business management. Currently, I have a small video production business. I really want a career doing this. Any tips or advice? To see some of my work, visit my website below and click the gallery tab


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      D. Stokes, I tried a couple of times to access your gallery but had difficulty (under construction?).

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      There is a lot to consider and you have come to the right place. You will find that Videomaker has plenty of resources for you to get help. Also there are some great Videographers that post on this board regularly.

      The options of what you can do with video are endless so there is always room in which ever direction you decide to go. The web is opening the door for even more opportunities.

      I think one thing you should consider is what specific service(s) will you specialize in offering? In other words what area do you want to make your specialty? Do you want to do weddings, events, slidesshows, or special interest or all of them. There are plenty more avenues you can tackle but the reason why you should find your specialty is because you want to perfect your skills as being a videographer. I think sometimes videographers feel they want to do all types of videos and events starting out to get the experience. This is fine because you need experience, but as you continue to grow your business consider what you like doing most and what you do best.

      It’s not a bad thing to offer a variety of services because if you have the manpower to get the job done…go for it! But if you are the only person that is: recording, editing, and finishing your videos this could wear you down if business is booming! Only you know your situation.

      So find what you like doing best and what has the greatest opportunity for you. I would also stress to do your homework by surfing the web, read up on tutorials, sign up for Videomaker magazine (good info in every magazine.) and continue to ask questions.

      Happy Video Trails!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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