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      Wow It been months actually a year since I sign on here now, I see you guys renovate this place eh. Well 6 months left till I get out of high school and can’t wait, been so stress full with final exam, and school project. I’ve been working on a few project, and this is one of the one am working on currently, and still in post production state, and wonder if you guys could critique on it. Before you watch I have to say Sorry befor hand for the track is a little off sync with the video, so sorry…

      This was shot with 2 gl2, so I up res it to 1080i but later I decided I export in Final Cut and export it out as 720p, so that was kinda waste of time, I like to do documentary style with this song because I thought it would fit with the track tempo. So what do you think? (crossing my fingers…)

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      Oh one more thing I saw some video up here and I was stun awsome work, and man I want an HD camera with them wide lens too. I am so jelouse.

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      SOo. am I being single out for some reason?

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      maybe…why do you ask?

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      Hey Tritrinh,

      Your music video is very good.Camera position, editing to the music, shot selectionetc. are excellent. If you can sustain this for the entire song, you have quite a winner. Don’tknow what you are using this for, but at the least try to get it on public accessTV if you are in a major metro area that has some free wheeling cable programming.

      Is theGL2 making a come-back? Didn’t have the best rep at first, but I’ve seen somestrong footage from this cam of late. Traveled with a Filipina family for a month in the Philippines and the other cam weused was a GL2(in addition to my VX2100 and PD170). I became acutely aware of GL2 limitations on that shoot. Maybe time to reconsider; perhaps we had a lemon.

      You need to get as good at other types of presentations (narrative docs, interviews,live stage work, for example) asyou are at music videos, and you shouldbe able to get jobs and make some income in this field.

      Also, you should set an objective to get as good at your English, written and spoken, as you are with a cam and video editing. Some of your class mates got A in English; you need to do it better than them. When you are dealing with Producersin the industry,they will forgetyou are not a peer (if only briefly) if you don’t come across like a valley guy.

      Hey man, I am making suggestion about communication skills and I probably have glitches in this post. Sorry about that! Since you’ve been away,there has been some monkeying around with the coding etc of this forum. If I try to correct anything, it makes the post ten times uglier!

      Follow Your Dream


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      I really liked how you shot the keyboard being played between the cymbals. Good. The sound is clean. I appreciate your synchronization of the music with the playing of the music (understanding that you haven’t perfected the sync on this project). Good work so far!

      Please go critique other’s work now that we have critiqued yours. :^)


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      Nice. You have some pretty good camera angles there. I agree with TomScratch that if you can sustain that quality through an entire music video then you’ll do well. As for writing skills, if you can’t improve your grammar and what not then you might partner with a writer. Play to your strengths, outsource everything else.

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      Thankyou for all ofthe advices I really appreciate it, I know my grammar really sucks and I need to work on them really bad. I still have my asian accent, so some time is hard for me to pronounce some of my word I am trying my best to be fluent. Tom I have done some documentary, filming wedding, and some other misc. work, and Iwould like to do anything with media related work but I just couldn’t slip into some of the job. Also Tom, is so cool you guys are shooting in Philippines, I heard stick fighting, and martial art is a big part of their culture. As for the GL2 I think is a great camera to start up with, but I would like to get my hand on a JVC GY-HD110 or any HD cam.

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