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      Hey, I thought we’d need some kind of introductory topic.

      Anyway, Hi guys. I’m Ghakimx. I’m a teenager who hooked interest in video making just this year, if not last year. Also, i’m from Singapore. Ooooohh…..

      Now my shot videos are…. really terrible to be honest. Though every video I made without my lousy Canon MVX250i is way better. : I previously used Windows Movie Maker, but found it utter crap. Then used Ulead Video Studio 11. I LOVED it, and my creativeness in videos increased. After that, I was getting tired of UVS, since it was so….. slow. So then, I got Sony Vegas Pro 8. Trial, mind. But I’ve gotten the hang of such a beast.

      I’ve been complimented with producing videos that are seemingly professional quality. And what are they? Videos using video-games. I take advantage of whatever media I have, and turning them into something cool and interesting

      Regarding why my real-life videos are so bad, i’ll say it’s my poor camera. :

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      Nice! I too used to really dislike Movie Maker, but after looking at other free video editors, Movie Maker is in the top half. pretty sad. It seems like it’s easy to make audio editors, photo editors, and even 3D animators, but video software for free is pretty bad.

      Maybe I should create one! LOL

      I’m just really into free software, since some programs are amazing and I have no money for real pro stuff.

      In other words, welcome to Videomaker, Ghakimx!

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