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      I’m a marketing executive and video producer seeking support and feedback for the spot that I submitted to the Heinz Top This TV Commercial Challenge. Please go to topthistv.com and view entry #1977 "Going to Pittsburgh" or use this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIN53qYpVaY. If you enjoy it, please leave me comments or ratings if you have a youtube account.

      Also I’d like to ask for your help by:

      1. Bookmarking the contest page and returning there on Aug 27 to see if it made the top 15.

      2. Voting for it (if it does make the final cut) everyday then until Sept 10.

      3. Passing this message along to other video producers and filmmakers.

      Have a great day and thank you!

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      neat idea, and awesome actress

      There’s maybe a couple things that i thought that could be better, however
      In the beginning, the girl is framed on the left, and in the next shot she is on the right. Its just a little continuity error.
      Also in the beginning, it would of been nice to have a POV shot, of the empty ketchup bottle.
      And I think it would be a little bit more professional looking if more of the shots were on a tripod.

      Otherwise it was a really cute idea, and goodluck in the competition!

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