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      Hey all,

      I am new here but I would appreciate some help. I am looking for a heavy duty battery for my Sony DSR-pd170. But I came accross a certain one but I am not sureif it will work with mine. (http://www.amazon.com/Sony-Camcorder-Battery-DCRVX2100-HD1000U/dp/B0006G3BHW/ref=pd_sim_e_7) thats the link to they battery type. What battery would you guys recommend I get for my camera so I can have an extended battery life to last me longer.


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      I ordered 2 from http://www.ebatts.com for my PD170. They last SOOO long. And when I say long, I mean like, 12 hours.

      I think they sell brands of real companies, such as Sony and Panasonic, but they have an ebatts brand too. I got the ebatts brand.

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      Nice. I’ll check them out and see what they have. Appreciate the tip.

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      Usually if you just check the camera’s user manual, it will give you the model numbers of the batteries.

      Go to either Ebay or some other Battery store and they should be able to match the model number to an equivalent battery.

      I have a Sony VX2100. I went to ebay and typed in the Model name and got all of the compatible batteries and some that were longer lasting than the Sony brands. Like Rob said. The store brands I got last up to 12 hours when the name brands don’t.

      And they are less expensive.

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