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      I am interested in buying a used vx2000 or 1000. I have read much concern about cameras with a lot of hours on the camera and heads? I cant afford much. So i am buyin used for now. What is the down side to high hours on your heads, and are heads replacable? If so, is that expensive, and where would one do that?

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      vx2000 & 1000 are very old camera. If they are used they are bound to have 100’s if not 1000’s of hours on their heads.

      What is the downside of high hours on your DV heads?
      I actually had this problem with the first prosumer camera I ever bought.
      It happened to be a VX2000. I bought it from ebay. They lady said it had low hours on the heads, and when I took it to the shop, he said it must have had 800 to 1000 hours on the heads. So buyer beware. Luckily she refunded my money and allowed me to return it.

      There is a huge difference between what happens when your Analog heads get dirty & your DV heads get dirty (old).
      With Analog – The picture just gets really distorted.
      With DV – there are actually blocks of missing picture. On my VX2000 there were checkerboarded blue blocks all over the picture.
      Since it is digital, if the 1 or 0 is not there, your out of luck.

      So old or dirty head is a huge deal!

      Are the heads replaceable?
      Yes they are, but it will probably cost as much for the heads to be replaced as it would to actually buy the camera. I think I read $800-$900.

      Bottom Line: I only buy NEW DV cameras. Analog is not such a big deal.

      What are you going to be using the camera for? Pro work or family home videos.
      If Home videos: VX models are much larger that you probably want use to have a carry around camera with quick shots.
      If Pro: You will definitly want the VX2100.

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      Thanks for the info. I got one from ebay. It is well used. And looks it. But i got a killer deal on it.

      I know the most costly repair on these is the head. So i shopped around for that before i bought a used cam.

      I will need the head cleaned or replaced probably. It has those bits of bad picture floating around, you were mentioning. I got a quote from a feller, and he said would be $375ish.

      Here is his info.


      310-968 0555.


      16714 Hugh Torance Pkwy,

      Huntersville, NC 28078 .

      Does anyone know of another good camera repair shop. The sony site says $500 base fee. Thats fine with me, but not sure what other charges might get tacked on. ?

      Anyone have experience with direct sony repairs?

      Im using the cam for adult film making.

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      FYI, I sent my vx2000 out to i.mazarsky@att.net and he fixed it very quickly and it works perfect. I was only supposed to get a head change, but he went above and beyond. And he even cleaned the outside of the cam for me as it was pretty gnarly.

      I would completely trust him. Ive never seen someone use so much bubble wrap.

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