HDV video (mp4 format) on Pinnacle Studio 14

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      I’ve bought Samsung HMX-F80BP video camera. It records HD (1280 x 720 25p). Also I’ve installed Pinnacle Studio 14 Ultimate collection. Now I’m having a video editing problems. These HDV (mp4 format) video from Samsung are seizing (sound is good, but view is in slow motion) in the Pinnacle.
      So where could be the problem? My computer is quite good, even it is a laptop. I believe 1GB or RAM, Intel Core i7, nVidia GeForce GT 525M 1GB should be enough for HD editing.

      Can somebody help me?

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      Your ram may be your issue. Software specrecomends you need 2GB+ to edit HD video. You could try adding more ram to your laptop. Or transcoding to a less processor intensive video format.

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      Here are the specs for Pinnacle Studio

      <b>Minimum System Requirements</b>

      Windows 7, Windows Vista (SP2), or Windows XP (SP3)
      Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon 1.8 GHz (2.4 GHz or higher recommended)
      -Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz required for AVCHD*
      -Intel Core 2 Quad 2.66 GHz or Intel Core i7 required for
      AVCHD* 1920
      1 GB system memory recommended, 2 GB required for AVCHD*
      DirectX 9 or 10 compatible graphics card with 64 MB (128 MB or higher recommended)
      -256 MB required for HD and AVCHD*
      DirectX 9 (or higher) compatible sound card
      3.8 GB of disk space
      DVD-ROM drive to install software

      Your working in HD, there fore look at the specs required for AVCHD. Your laptop comes no where near to meeting those specs. That is why it does that on your laptop

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      and just to clarify HDV is a form of Mpeg 2 not mp4. it uses the h.262/MPEG2 part 2 compression scheme. You need RAM.

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      I’m sorry, I’m having 4GB DDR3 1333 MHz, only the GeForce is 1GB. So maybe the video card is to low?

      Video file type is (for example) – HDV_0441.MP4. I can watch these video with VLC or Windows media player and it’s all OK, just when I open it in Pinnacle, it is going on lag.

      What other choices could be? Maybe you can recommend any free converter, which would convert these 1920×1080; 25 frames/sec; mp4 videos to other format, that could be easily used in Pinnacle Studio 14 ? I have used “Video Converter”; “DVD Video Soft Studio” and others, but the quality of mine video becoming really bad.


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      MPEGStreamclip free converter from squared5.com

      Never used Pinnacle, would suggest Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 11, about $30 from Walmart online, or check Amazon.

      but just to clarify in your original post you said the cam records 1280×720 and now you said 1920×1080.

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      Video card will have very little impact on the playback issue you have mentioned.

      Is youWin 732 or 64bit?

      Check your settingsfor the playback on Pinnacle, you may be trying to run it at too high a resolution for your system.

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