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      <span style=”font-family: ‘times new roman’; font-size: 16px;”>
      <p style=”margin: 0px;”>I am in desperate need of help. I have a Sony HDVM63 tape that I am unable to playback.

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      <p style=”margin: 0px;”>Ican see the footage fine when I fast-forward or rewind the tape but when I press play, the screen goes blue and the time code freezes. Sometime it will play for a second but then it will go blue again.
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      <p style=”margin: 0px;”>The tape played back fine the first time, I am not sure what caused it to stop working. It was used in a Canon XH A1 HD camcorder.
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      <p style=”margin: 0px;”>Any ideas on how to fix this? Or know any video recovery agencies that can?

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      I understand your problem somewhat, because I have the same trouble with an old analog camcorder. Picture is visible while I rewind orfast-forward but goesblank while using Play in certain parts of the tape. The audio is fine, but the picture is black. Some parts of the videoare viewable with the viewfinder, but do not show up when I try dubbing to a digital camcorder.

      Not quite sure if this willhelp, but try streaming it to your computer and see if you get any different results. The direct playback function on your camera may have a problem.

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      If you are not playing back on the same camcorder used for recording, you may have a problem with some small discrepencies between the native playback format for the camera and the codec in which the tape was originally recorded. Canon tends not to play well with others in this regard.

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      it sounds as if you need a head cleaner. i had this exact issue once using an old 8mm camcorder, but after purchasing a cleaner and running it a few times it resolved my issue. look for one at best buy, but make sure you buy the correct one.

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