HDV Tape into DV Camcorder???

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      I was just curious and wanted to ask what would the video look like if I put a HDV tape into my miniDV camcorder?……just wondering….

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      Not quite sure… I don’t have any experience with DV tapes, or HD.

      If the tape is the right size (and probably the right brand),I’m prettry sureyou’ll be able to playback and stream to a computer in the same HD format without losing any quality. If you record onto the HDV tape with a DV camcorder, however, the format is probablyrestricted to the capability of the camcorder.

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      I am going to try to answer this two different ways since I am not 100% sure of what you are asking.

      Attempt #1:
      HDV tapes, in most cases, are just Super High Quality MiniDV tapes. If you use an HDV tape in your MiniDV camcorder, then record something on it, it will look the same as normal.

      Attemp #2:
      If you mean, recording a video on an HDV camcorder, then putting the tape into the MiniDV camcorder and trying to use it to download the tape to the computer… I am100 % sure that it will not work because the MiniDV camcorder does not have the HDV codec installed as part of its built-in software. You’ll probably just see a fuzzy screen.

      You have to remember that when you press play to view the tape, it is not just simply downloading data. Once the tape goes over the head, it is reading the data, interpreting the data, then sends that interpretation through the firewire port to the computer.

      If it doesn’t understand what is written, It won’t be able to interpret the data for transfer.

      Although, many HDV camcorders can also record a 720×480 DV format tape that will play back on a standard MiniDV camcorder. It won’t be HD but you do get the benefit of better optics and CCD processing prior to downscaling to 720×480.

      Hope this helps.

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