HDV sucessor which is?

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I do independent low budget productions, mainly for independent DVD releases of so called "industrial videos" and also live recording of dance and other performing arts.

Now I am using HDV, which up to know if perfect for me: relative low cost equipment, good quality image specially with good lighting, easy raw material archiving (tapes) . The SONYs Z1 are just perfect for what I do. Also in my country, many low budget movies are filmed in HDV.

However, I realize that HDV is a dying format, but really dont know which is going to be it replacement. SONYs XDCAM is another level, too expensive.

Is AVCHD the way to go? Which do you think is or will be the new "all-terrain" SONY Z1 of this new era?

For serious consumer/prosumer standpoint, which camera would be worth considering? For eg.,
the CANON HV30/40 (HDV)has been the choice of enthusiast and cinema students for a long time.

We are speaking of low budget/good quality HD.

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I concur. A 7D if you're not planning on blowing up to theatrical sizes. However, the real cost comes with good lenses and support gear.

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